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Volunteers Needed

All year long the BMPA needs parent volunteers to work concessions. Questions? Email

All individual shifts now on

Please help! We need parents to fill a number of coordinator positions: Questions? Want to jump in?



Shadow(s) Needed By Position Current Coordinator Year of Parent Positional Description
Concessions Coordinator Michelle Smith / Jenni Mann Junior Works with Concessions Co-Chair to ensure events calendar is complete. Orders and purchases supplies (soda, food, utensils, other products) as needed to stock concessions stands. Repairs concessions equipment or purchases replacement items as needed. Works with BHS staff to correct any facility issues. Works with OMEA Judges Food Coordinator and Fruit Sale Coordinator to ensure there are suitable supplies for the activities. Works with BMPA Treasurer to ensure there are cash boxes/money counters for all events. Ensures all Concessions Stand Managers are properly trained.
Concessions Co-Chair     Works with Volunteer Coordinator, BHS Athletic Director, and music/dance
directors to chart out events and number of volunteers needed for the school year. Enters all Volunteer and Stand Manager needs in Communicates concession stand schedule to BMPA Treasurer, BMPA Volunteer Coordinator, and Stand Managers. Ensures all concession events are staffed with a Stand Manager. Works with Concessions Chair to set menus for special events (Show Choir Invitational, Dance Invitational, Weekend of Jazz). Checks in and assigns volunteers at home football games. Updates usage charts after each sports season.
Concessions Stand Manager Various Parents All are Seniors Unlocks the stand at the beginning of the shift and follows the stand opening/closing procedures, Has a working knowledge of all of the equipment, Assigns parent volunteers to work stations and assists them as needed, Makes sure counts (# of hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, etc that are sold) are kept, Signs for BMPA for delivery of pizza and tips the driver, Determines if more pizza should be ordered and calls it in as needed, Notes in binder if pizza or other hot food is left at the end of the shift, Handles all customer issues, Decides when to stop cooking food in order to have little or none left over at the end, Decides when hot food is sold at half price (is/as appropriate) and has an announcement made at the sporting event, Writes comments in daily log and/or emails coordinator when appropriate (such as items needing to be bought, problems with equipment, parent volunteer or customer issues, etc), Ensures shelves are restocked at the end of the shift, Makes sure all equipment is turned off and the stand and all equipment are clean before leaving.
Propane Tank Inventory     Ensures propane tanks are full for all fall and spring events.
Soda Inventory     Inventories soda after each home football game. Communicates inventory to
Concessions Chair and Co-Chair. Assists in stocking concessions stands with soda, as needed.
Pizza Coordinator     Works with Chair and Co-Chair to determine pizza needs for events. Orders pizza, as needed.
Chick-Fil- A Coordinator     Works with Chair and Co-Chair to determine Chick-fil- A needs for events.
Orders Chick-fil- A, as needed.
Money Counter     Handles bringing pre-set cash drawers to and from events, counting and depositing funds.