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Pit Orchestra

  • Electric Bass – 1*
  • Guitar – 2*
  • Drumset and aux percussion – at least 2
  • Piano/Keyboards – at least 4 (there are 4 separate keyboard books)**
**Guitar/Bass must be able to read standard notation and chord changes.
**I do not have the books yet to be able to tell the level of difficulty in the piano parts. I encourage anyone who is interested in piano to submit an audition. It is possible some of the parts are easier, primarily chords, etc.

Recorded auditions will be done via SmartMusic. The class code is NEHVE-YNU3G. You need to submit a take of the audition material by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH AT 11:59 PM. Be sure to read all the directions when you open up the audition music in SmartMusic.
***Accessing the audition in SmartMusic. At the top of your SmartMusic page, you will see something that says "so-and-so's lists for Beavercreek High School" if you click on the small arrow at the end of that title, a drop down menu will appear. Choose Coy & Ankeney Middle School from the list and then you will see the pit orchestra auditions.

Below is a tentative rehearsal schedule. Please check your calendar carefully and email Ms. Conrad by Monday, February 18th with any conflicts you are already aware of. We will do our best to avoid conflicts with other music department events but it is YOUR responsibility to be aware of the schedule and notify Ms. Conrad of issues in advance. Note: students who are in IPE should be able to participate this year – please double check this schedule with your IPE one to be sure!
  • We are currently waiting for the music books to arrive – rehearsals will begin when we get the music (hopefully by the end of February/start of March)
  • Rehearsals will generally be Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:45-6:15 PM and Fridays from 4:15-5:15. All rehearsals will be at BHS. We will not rehearse on these dates:
    • NO rehearsal March 25, 27, 28 (Spring Break)
    • NO rehearsal on April 19 (no school that day)
  • April 17 (Wed) – 5:00 PM @ BHS (dress rehearsal)*
  • April 18 (Thurs) – 5:00 PM @ BHS (dress rehearsal)*
  • April 22 (Mon) - 3:00 PM @ BHS (dress rehearsal)*
  • April 23 (Tues) - 5:00 PM @ BHS (dress rehearsal)*
  • April 24 (Wed- 5:00 PM @ BHS (dress rehearsal)*
    *There is no school on April 22nd so we will start that dress rehearsal early so students can get home earlier. Approx. end time for dress rehearsals is 9 PM.
  • We will, as a group, pick a date for one “long” rehearsal – this is usually a 3-hour rehearsal on a Saturday.

The performances are currently scheduled for April 25, 26, and 27 at 7:30 PM as well as April 28 at 2 PM. Report time is usually 1 hour before the show starts. The in-school performance is scheduled for April 25.

NOTE: we are aware that April 26-27 is State Contest for Wind Symphony and Symphonic Band – We are working on a solution. If you are in either of those bands and interested in pit orchestra, please go ahead and submit an audition.

Contact Ms. Conrad at