Bag a (Sleeping) Bag for Daybreak

As we near the holiday season, reflecting on what we are thankful for, it is important to
remember that many of us do not have a roof over our heads: someplace permanent to
call home. Winter is coming, and for only $20, you can give the gift of home by purchasing a
sleeping bag for Daybreak. In honor of National Sleepout Day, this is how you can help!
1) Drop off a new youth sleeping bag (size 18+) from now until November 30 at either
the Cherry House Cafe or Therapy Connections. Collection bins will be near the
front of both locations directly inside.
2) Round up your order at the Cherry House register, and the spare change will be
collected for purchasing additional sleeping bags.
3) Donate directly to Daybreak: Go to Daybreak’s Amazon wishlist, found at
a) Please leave a note detailing that the donation is for the Daybreak Sleeping
Bag Drive, run by me, Luke Lunday.
Help us reach our goal of 100 sleeping bags this winter season!